The Teachable

According to Wikipedia there are approximately 41,000 Christian denominations. That’s a lot of denominations. Presumably there are 41,000 different denominations because each of these denominations believe that they have the truth about what God wants for our lives.

He Changes Not.

In Malachi 3:6 the Lord declares: “I am the LORD, I do not change.” This sentiment is repeated through the apostle Paul in the New Testament when he writes in Hebrews 13:8: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” God according to the scriptures in constant: His character is consistent.

Don’t Miss “Christ”mas!

The hustle and bustle has been going on now for several weeks now as people forage for for the latest developments in fashion, grab the newest gadgets or snatch all the stocking fillers they can find. I can’t say that I’m staying above the fray either. It’s our culture; one that we’ve exported to the world en masse. But despite our leanings we need to cultivate a culture of Christ.