It’s so easy to do. After all how many times did I do something my parents told me to do without consequences? A lot. Of course there were all those times that I did something my parents told me not to do and there were consequences. Like forgetting my coat one too many times only to come down with a cold or not going to sleep when I should’ve to find out that life was a little harder the next day.

It takes us so many years to realize that are parents knew what they were talking about if we ever come to that conclusion at all. Unfortunately for those that believe our parents knew a thing or too there is an even smaller contingent that take God’s word at face value.

Perhaps we put aside the gentle warnings and admonitions of God because the spiritual subtlety is lost on us. When we don’t acquire a terminal illness or lose everything to a fire we somehow believe all that we do is condoned.

You see we don’t miss what we don’t even know exists and the devil is bent on keeping it that way. He feeds us the lie that what we do doesn’t affect our relationship with God and that spiritual death is just the lack of warm fuzzy feelings when our favorite Christmas hymn is played.

The real sign that we’re in trouble of course is that we don’t care that we’re in trouble. The real sign that we are spiritually dead is that we don’t thirst for spiritual things. If we do anything we need to burst our own bubbles soon enough to realize that our ship is sinking and if we don’t reject the lie our life preserver will be out of site.