The hustle and bustle has been going on now for several weeks now as people forage for for the latest developments in fashion, grab the newest gadgets or snatch all the stocking fillers they can find. I can’t say that I’m staying above the fray either. It’s our culture; one that we’ve exported to the world en masse. But despite our leanings we need to cultivate a culture of Christ.

Originally December 25th did not have Christian significance as far as we know. There is no document that tells us with certainty when Christ was born. In fact the impetus for Christmas was actually reactionary. Romans celebrated the “Day of the Birth of the Sun” on December 25th and it is likely that Christians reacted by promoting worship of Christ on this day.

Promoting Christ should be our principle concern. We may be preoccupied by presents but returning to our roots as Christians we should realize it is better to give than to receive. So give the gift of Christ in thoughts, words, and actions. In a paraphrase of the apostle Peter do not let your adornments be merely decorative, arranging the tree, wearing green and red, or putting on Christmas music, but rather let it be the hidden person of the heart.

Christ is knocking this season like He does every season waiting for you and I to respond. But He doesn’t just want us to respond He also wants us to report the blessing that He has bestowed upon us individually and as the body of Christ.

As we enjoy Christmas this year we should remember to continue to seek for Christ in all the gifts we share and in all the moments we record. Perhaps December 25th did not begin with Christ, but there is no reason that it can’t end with our Lord and Savior. As we await for the blessed hope to return don’t miss Christ this Christmas.