Most Christians realize that they are engaged in a battle. Too often however they are fighting the wrong people and the wrong things. Striking out in frustration we beat against the wind and we bemoan our circumstances. If only life weren’t so hard we’d be able to accomplish all that the Lord wants us too. If only we knew what was going on behind the curtain we’d be able to fight the good fight.

The problem with this thinking of course is that it implies God should reveal to us the inner workings of the spiritual warfare all around us. We believe that if we could only see why bad things happen we would be able to step forward. What we forget is that if God did this He would remove the very reason why we have a fighting chance at all: faith.

We now know in part and occasionally the curtain is drawn back part of the way for a select few among us. However God does not practice this type of revelation for our own good. The devil was privy to the glories of heaven and yet He remained stalwart in His accusations against God.

Perhaps the next time when we yearn for a clearer picture of the spiritual battles being fought all around us we will thank God for His mercy. He allows us to know only what we can handle. By shielding us from the front lines of spiritual war God is sparing us from squandering any evidence.

With all of the corporate scandals erupting in the financial world I am sure that many a disgraced employee wished he could have remained unaware of the poor decisions. With greater knowledge comes greater responsibility. In the same way that God does not tempt us beyond what we are able He does not burden us with knowledge we are not prepared to handle. Sometimes it’s just better to fight blindly.