“How deep is the hold of sin on the human heart?” DA p753 It is no accident that we have hope. Our destinies are not left to chance or happenstance. Yet we are so unintentional in our reception of Jesus.

In the battle of the human mind against sin it often takes every resource that we have. Deliberate focus on heavenly truths and eternal principles are our only foothold as we cling to God. I’ve heard it said that we must “let go and let God,” but I know that the chasm of sin is deep.

We must not let go but hold on with every ounce of strength. Even as a climber must grip the crevaces with acute attention so we must grasp the evidences of God’s leading in our lives. Is our battle greater than Christ’s struggle on the cross? Of course not, but we must all bear our cross.

God did not say that because Jesus death was difficult our life with Him would be easy. He said that through Christ’s suffering there is now a way out. The darkness that surrounds us thick, but if we will look up we can see the light pierce through clouds of despair.

If we have an understanding of the hold that sin has on us we might be motivated to look higher in our search for help. God is more powerful than our sins, but we must fight the good fight.