Just today I was explaining to some students the apparent contradictions that exist on the earth. At times we see the beauty of the earth and the blessings of healthy relationships. However we also see natural disasters that wreak havoc and relationships that do more damage than the most deadly storms. There is certainly a mixed revelation.

How are we to understand these events? Unaided observation leads us to confusing answers. However with the aid of divine revelation we can see what is happening and that restoration is possible. Peering into scripture and the annals of history we can see God’s intervention: Jesus Christ.

Yes there continues to be a struggle with all of the fall out conflict brings. But Jesus began the process of piecing back together the parts that can still be saved. Like a giant needle and thread He pierces both God and man to sew us back into conformity with His will.

He is the Repairer of the Breach. This is such an illustrative title. Like a diligent worker repairing a broken dike with His mighty hands He works tirelessly to stem the tide of human loss. Not willing that any should perish He stands waste deep in the river of humanity grasping at the stones of truth and placing them lovingly in the gaping whole made by sin.

If He can restore the world I know He can sew up my small broken heart.

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  1. holamickey

    Kyle – just discovered you had a blog. I will be checking in – I have always enjoyed discussions with you and look forward to your thoughts.
    Happy Sabbath!

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