When I was in school I was told that if I worked hard and gave the right answers than I would get good grades and then people would pat me on the head and tell that me that I was bright. Okay nobody ever said that last part would come true. I guess that’s just what I hoped would come true.

Regardless each one of us believes that if we do something we should get something whether it’s prestige, payment, power or all of the above. An there is truth and justice to this way of thinking. It’s the way we’re wired.

The problem is however that we don’t want to be paid for all the things we do, just some of them and this type of thinking is illogical. It’s like telling your boss that you only want to be paid for half of the report you wrote on changing conditions in the marketplace. It’s like telling the contractor that you only want to be paid for half of the dry wall that you put up. Sure your employers want to do it, but if there fair people they’ll know that it’s just not right.

And yet when it comes to sin we don’t want to be paid for all of the sin we’ve piled up in our little corner of the universe. We just want to be compensated for the smiles we’ve sprung on people from time to time.

The reality is of course that we cannot choose what we receive payment for because we’re not the ones paying. The sign on our door simply reads “I just work here.” God as the great employer renders what is just.

Fortunately God knew that He could pay someone else for our pile of sin so that we didn’t have to be weighed down by our misdeeds. That is why He invites us to join Him on a day off for the “workers” called sabbath. It’s a day of rest from our labors. This is a very special day off of work. This day commemorates the day the great employer paid for all the time we’ve spent misusing company resources. It’s a good day indeed.