We stand on the shoulders of giants, but we forget to kneel in the shadow of humble servants. How many of us have forgotten the lowly and humble of heart in our lives? There have always been people that walk the earth with modesty. Do we know these people? Do we strive to emulate the simple stories that are woven through our lives and the history of God’s people.

Growing up I was often attracted to characters in the bible like Moses, Samson and David. Their gallant leadership or their amazing abilities spoke to my childlike wonder. But I am afraid that I did not see their true greatness. Moses was called the meekest man on earth. Samson, while proud in the prime of his life surrendered himself ultimately in humility. David was a conqueror of giants and tens of thousands of Philistine enemies, yet God calls him a man after his own heart. In retrospection perhaps David was given this title because of his compassion and humility as he sought not to elevate his own interests, but wait until the God raised him above the former “Lord’s anointed.”

I think this is why we should look closer at the lesser known stories of the bible. Maybe we can learn something from people like Obadiah and Amos in the Old Testament and John Mark and Timothy in the New Testament. As I write these examples I am struck by my inability to recall the more insignificant stories.

David understood the significance of the lesser known when he sought out Johnathan’s posterity: Mephibosheth. Finding the soul remaining heir of the now desolated Benjamite kingdom he elevated the crippled Mephibosheth, bestowing upon him blessing after blessing. Maybe it’s time that we focused on the forgotten stories so that we can see how God remembers ours.