According to Wikipedia there are approximately 41,000 Christian denominations. That’s a lot of denominations. Presumably there are 41,000 different denominations because each of these denominations believe that they have the truth about what God wants for our lives.

The question then becomes for the individual: “How do I find the truth?” Well, the bible answers that question in Isaiah 28:9. The verse says:

 Whom will he teach knowledge?
And whom will he make to understand the message?
Those just weaned from milk?
Those just drawn from the breasts?
In this text God tells us that He will teach those that are weaned from milk and drawn from the breast. This means that God can only teach people that are not dependent upon others for their spiritual nourishment. Jeremiah 29:13 says:
And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.
When we compare these two texts we realize that the emphasis in Jeremiah 29:13 is on taking the initiative to discover the truth ourselves. We cannot make our understanding of God and His will dependent upon the ability of others to share with us the truth or even to live in such a way that we can see the truth in their lives.
If you want to know the truth then you have to be willing to discover it yourself.