Waiting on the Lord is not a passive process. In Isaiah 40:31 it says that if we wait on the Lord He will give us wings like eagles. For many people this means that they must stop and sit down on the stoop of their life as a child does that is waiting for his father to come home after work. However this is not the implication of the biblical writer. The word in Isaiah in Hebrew is “qavah.” This word carries the connotation of expectant and eager anticipation of an event. Little children and adults I might add look forward to the holidays. The holidays in the United States start with Thanksgiving and end with New Years. Anyone who actually looks forward to these holidays will make some preparation for the these anticipated events. A family might make travel arrangements, save up money, or prepare festive decorations as the time approaches.

In any case there are visible signs of their anticipation. This is even more true of the Christian that surrenders their life and plans to the Lord and prepares their lives in accordance with the will of God for His providence and His soon return.

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