• Practice and familiarize yourself with the songs beforehand.
  • Practice with the team from 9:30-9:50 Sabbath morning. 
  • If you’re going to be absent for your week, let Melissa know and she will arrange a substitute if needed. 

During Service

  • Be prepared to be on stage at 11:00 sharp. 
  • Make sure the media team is ready before the first song. Before going on stage, make eye contact and they will acknowledge with a thumbs up. When they’re ready, you can go on stage and start with a cheerful welcome before introducing the first song. 
  • Always take a hymnal in case the screen fails or falls behind. 
  • Be prompt when it’s your turn on stage throughout the service. 
  • Be sure the team is centered with the pulpit on stage.
  • Before the opening hymn, if the pastor hasn’t already said it, be sure to say “please remain standing for opening hymn #.”
  • Sit in the front row at least until the end of the opening song. 
  • Be sure to announce “you may be seated” at the conclusion of the opening song. 
  • At the end of the closing song, step back so the pastor/presenter can come to the pulpit for closing prayer. 

Microphone Etiquette 

  • Please don’t pat the mic to see if it’s on. If it’s not on yet, pause, let the media team acknowledge your mic, and wait for their thumbs up. 
  • If you’re using the wireless mic, take it with you after the second praise song.
    This will save time so you can promptly go up and start the opening song since the congregation will already be standing. 
  • Return the mics to the stand at the end of the opening song.

Thank you all for your commitment to this important ministry!

The Music Committee